Puppy Training Tips

The most important of all Puppy Training Tips is that you will need a lot of patience, determination, and then more patience, but here are a few more useful tips to help you in your day to day life with your puppy.

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Puppy Training Tips:

Set the rules

I highly doubt that your new puppy will be lacking in love, and honestly, it is impossible to stay cold and cool when we have an adorable puppy around our legs. However, most dog owners put aside rules during these early days altogether and later they have to deal with already established behavioral issues.

Puppy play

When to play with your puppy? The best time to play with your puppy is after potty time, this way playing becomes a reward for doing his business outside. Do not play rough and if your puppy starts to play rough, stop playing. Do not get your puppy overexcited. Avoid screaming, loud noises or any actions that may scare him.

Do not overplay your puppy, keep in mind that young puppies spend most of the day sleeping and they need a lot of rest. Crate training a puppy is a good way to provide a quiet space him.

Don’t be too physically demanding

Your puppy is still developing so take it easy on walks and avoid excessively long walks or high jumps at this early stage. Your puppy’s joints are still developing and you don’t want to create any damage.

Puppy toys

Remember to put your puppy's safety first when picking out dog toys. Choose toys that can’t be easily ripped apart and always supervise your puppy when playing with toys. Puppies are just learning about the world and about themselves; they will probably swallow any part of the toy that they can, so be sure to especially avoid toys with bells or other objects inside. There are many puppies that end up being put down or barely escaping death just because of accidents involving dog toys.

A family job

Raising a puppy is a family job. Every family member has to understand the rules that they have to apply and follow. Keep the message to your dog clear and simple. If you allow something one day and not another, the dog will notice that, and be confused, so be consistent.

Creating behaviors

For as much as we humans think and rationalize about the world that surrounds us, dogs create behavior patterns. Puppyhood is a great time in your dog’s life for you to help him create wanted behaviors, correctly. Remember that if you don’t do it, the dog will create his own behavior patterns which may take more time and effort down the road to change.

Can you start training a puppy?

Yes, you not only can but should start training your puppy from day one. By the end of the seventh week a puppy’s brain is fully developed, and he has remarkable learning capabilities. You can teach your dog all of the simple puppy obedience training commands through playing and game. But remember whatever you do with your puppy, keep it short. You don’t want your puppy to lose interest in training down the road.

Socialization, socialization, socialization

It is scientifically proven how important this step is in your puppy’s life. Socialize your puppy and expose him to new situations, new humans, and animals. If he is scared of something or unsure, it is the perfect chance to 'desensitize' the issue and move on. This will prevent future behavioral issues.

Create a routine

Dogs are animals of routine , feedings, walks, pretty much anything in your puppy’s life should be done at approximately the same time each day. This is one of the most important keys for puppy potty training.

Be aware of anticipation

Anticipation is one of the ways in which your puppy 'learns'. Don’t fall into this trap. Many dog owners run to their puppies if they start whimpering or barking. This will train your puppy that every time he does this, you will appear. Part of dog training is based on our dog connecting his action with our reaction and vice-verse. But watch out for this, as our dogs do not turn this learning 'off' when we are not in a training session.

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Check back often as this page will update regularly with even more free puppy training tips!

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