Dog Adoption

Avoid mistakes, make the right choices!

So, you have chosen to welcome a new dog into your home and have decided on dog adoption. Congratulations! Now you’ll want to find out everything that you need to know to make the right choices for you and your new dog!

Every day more and more people decide on dog adoption. This is a very humane act, and often, the only way to help dogs that would otherwise be put to sleep.

Before you begin the process, it is important to know why you are getting a dog and how to prepare for and how to choose the right dog. In this decision, you, your family and your dog all have to be happy and satisfied. Otherwise, all of you may suffer the consequences.

There are many success stories out there about the beautiful relationships built between adopted dogs and their new owners, but for every successful one there are sadly, several unsuccessful ones, in which the dog either ends up back at a shelter, or the new owners end up living a nightmare with their new pet. To learn how to avoid this from happening to you, follow these dog adoption steps.

A very important step is to recognize the myths and misbeliefs that shadow the dog adoption process, and to sort these from the truth.

Love is a human emotion and we use it as part of our human approach, but this is a different approach than that of a dog.

If you are not sure of how or don’t have enough knowledge yet to handle a dog that may require a special approach or special care, you could end up putting yourself and your dog in a bad and unfair position.

Adopting a dog is a lifetime decision so you want to be sure that you are well-informed and well-prepared before bringing this new member into your family.

Whatever type of dog you are looking for; whether a purebred or a mixed breed, a puppy or an older dog, there are several legitimate places to adopt a dog from, including dog shelters and dog rescues. But regardless of where you choose to go, there are many important details that you should know, along with key questions to ask yourself before adopting a dog.

At the links below, you will find these key questions and their answers, as well as a Successful Dog Adoption checklist to walk through the entire process with the best possible results for you, your family, and your new dog!

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